Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everyone loves Camellia Grill, right?

If you ask most people in New Orleans, they'll tell you the same thing; Camellia Grill is one of the best diner style restaurants in New Orleans. In fact, when looking through Yelp reviews I could only find a single review less than 3 stars from a New Orleanian. There are however, a number of reviews to the contrary opinion, almost exclusively written by tourists.

My personal favorite unfavorable review on Yelp comes from Lauren R. of Virginia Beach, Virginia. This review also shines light on and important element of eating at Camellia Grill. Aside from things like the waffles, pies, and the veggie omelet, the menu at Camellia Grill is very limited for its vegetarian customers.

Many reviews, both favorable or unfavorable, complain about the wait, a crucial component of the Camellia Grill experience. In most cases, the wait does not significantly affect the rating, but some say that the wait is not worth it.

Part of what people seem to like about Camellia Grill, aside from the food, is the atmosphere, as well as the waitstaff. Many rank it very highly, even though they say the food is nothing special, simply because of these factors. They rave about the outgoing nature of the waiters and and chefs which many say make the experience.

There does however seem to be another near consensus about Camellia Grill. Most reviews mention that eating at Camellia Grill is best when taking part in one of the most important New Orleans traditions: Drinking (something the author has NOOOOO experience with). Many reviewers complain about the wait to eat at Camellia around breakfast time. Most of these are also from out of town, and after asking around about the restaurant I found that few people actually ate there at breakfast, despite mostly eating food usually associated with breakfast.

Eating at Camellia grill says a few things about a person. First, they do not care that the meal they are about to eat is going to likely cause them to eventually have a heart attack or at least severe gastric disturbance. Second,  you are not some one who cares greatly about service and convenience. Last, if one goes during the late night hours.....well, we all know what that says about a person.

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