Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mud, Pork and Music

 Cochon Toppped Mac and Cheese

 Hogs For the Cause is an annual charity even held in City Park (City Pork) which benefits pediatric brain cancer. During this event, money is raised by about a hundred different stands roasting pigs and competing for trophies. These stands are run by groups from all roasts of life; those who just are there for the fun and competition of the event (these stands were typically very drunk) to professional resturaunts coming to compete, such as the eventual winner, Company Burger as well as Fat Hen Grocery, and even Patois had an entry.

Delicious Brisket Taco
Before the day before the event, I had never heard of Hogs for the Cause, or even been to city park, so this was quite an adventure for me. The day before, I was able to get free tickets to the event, and noticed that Trombone Shorty was headlining the stage. Not having a car available to us, we chose to take the St. Charles Streetcar, and then the Canal City Park Streetcar. When we arrived at City Park, we found a surprise at where Hogs For The Cause was been held. Mud. When I say mud, I am not just talking a about little mushy dirt on the ground. Most people were wearing boots or were barefoot, though I chose to keep my sneakers on throughout the event (this of course required a thorough washing of the aforementioned sneakers).

Who-Dat! Free Sean Payton!

Now let's get to the important part: FOOD. Everywhere you walked there were stands selling delicious food, everything from just Cochon de lait on its own, to tacos, and the overall winner, Company Burger's pork tongue sandwich. My personal favorite was Brisket tacos from New Orleans' own Taceaux Loceaux, some of the best "mexican" food in New Orleans. What I took away from Hogs For the Cause was, in addition to a good time and a full belly, was the idea that food is not only a good way to bring people together for fun, but also a great way for people to rally for a great cause.

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